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Benefits of Steel Staircases

Steel is a fantastic choice of material for your interior or exterior staircase and railings. It is highly durable, versatile and cost-effective.

In this week’s blog at Millwright Engineering Ltd we are looking at the benefits of steel staircases for both domestic and commercial uses.

Versatile Design Options

Steel can be bent and shaped to meet the specifications of a wide range of designs. Whether you want a minimal, simple aesthetic or something more decorative for your staircase, steel has the versatility to suit your requirements.

When designing and building a steel staircase, architects and designers find the material easier to work with for accuracy. No matter the shape, size or location of the new structure, there are more options than with any other material.

Materials such as PVC and timber do not have the same flexibility with design. The versatility of steel means that you can create a unique and custom-built staircase for the space that is available.

Long-Lasting Structures

Steel is flexible, so it is highly resilient and will remain strong and safe for an extended period of time. This resilience comes from the high tensile strength of the material.

The longevity of the structure will be increased if it is made from galvanised steel. This will make the material more resistant to corrosion and is especially useful for exterior staircases.

Cost-Effective & Low Maintenance

Metals are often a less expensive option for staircases and balustrades than timber, PVC or concrete. Not only are the structures more cost-effective, but as they last a long time and require little maintenance, costs for future repairs and replacements are also lower.

Steel staircases require little to no ongoing maintenance. Other than being wiped down now and again, the structure will remain in good condition for a long time without being maintained regularly.

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