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Our Accreditations and Marking

Below are some of the accreditations that we hold at Millwright Engineering Ltd. We are proud of the CE Accreditation that we hold and believe it is a testament to our service and capabilities as a team.
Following a successful audit, it was confirmed in the results that:
All consumables and materials are sourced from quality and fully compliant sources
The manufacturing processes we use are overseen and quality checked by welding coordinators who are fully responsible
Any and all documentation is fully traceable

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CE Accreditation and Marking

In July 2014, it became mandatory for CE marking to be used throughout the EU for construction products. We are dedicated to achieving the correct CA marking compliance, with the view to becoming CE approved fabricators. Our team has achieved the CE Execution Class Two status, meaning that we are CE marked fabricators who:


All completed assemblies given a unique ID which makes sure full traceability of every component – includes material certification, welder identification, and fabricator.

Fully accredited and audited Factory Production Control System (FPC)

Each welder on the team is fully qualified in all weld procedure specifications

New role of experienced and qualified Responsible Welding Coordinator with expertise and experience in welding processes to oversee all welding operations in the company

CE compliant quality control documentation which is supplied to a client with the CE number for every project

CE Accreditation

CE Marking Legislation

In the UK, any steel fabricators delivering around the country must be CE compliant. It is the new BS EN 1090 legislation which states that all components in fabricated steelwork must be fully traceable to their original source. This requires structural steel manufacturers to show that each component has been produced to all declared performance characteristics outlined in the CE marking legislation.

All fabricated structural steelwork delivered to a UK site must be CE marked and from a CE approved fabricators. At Millwright Engineering Ltd, we meet this requirement.

Contractors and clients should now be fully confident that any steel structures we erect are CE approved for standards of mechanical resistance, serviceability, stability and durability. Using a CE accredited fabricator like ourselves ensures that you can trust all structural steel fabrications.

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