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At Millwright Engineering Ltd, we specialise in the fabrication of bespoke staircases in Slough and the surrounding areas.

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We cater to both domestic and commercial clients for all our metal fabrication services.

With over 40 years of experience, our team can design and make staircases to a variety of specifications. Whether you want an interior spiral structure or an external fire escape staircase, we are happy to help.

To find out more about our services in Slough and the surrounding areas, please call us on 01682 850 911 today.

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Interior Steel Staircases

The design of all our metal fabrications prioritises both safety and aesthetics. No matter how good the structure looks, if it is not built with safety in mind then it could be a hazard in your property. By following Approved Document K of the UK Building Regulations, we ensure your staircases are built to the highest standard.

Our team will work closely with you to create a structure that suits your functional needs and aesthetic preferences. During this process, you can choose a rail and balustrades to incorporate into the final product. Additionally, you can decide what type of tread you would prefer on the steps.

Steel fabrications are durable and resilient so you can be sure they will last a long time. Because of these properties, they also require little to no maintenance. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch today to learn more about our services.

Bespoke Design and Fabrication

Steel is a highly versatile material that is cost-effective and lasts a long time. Due to its flexible properties, there are almost no fabrication designs that can’t be achieved successfully.

All our products are custom-made to meet your requirements. There are many types of staircases to choose from for interior and external purposes including:

  • Spiral
  • Helical
  • Straight
  • Security
  • Enclosed
  • Moveable

Spiral designs are great for optimising the space in a property. With a small, open space layout on the ground floor, they allow room for innovative interior design. Because of the added space and aesthetics, spiral structures can also add value to a property.

For external structures required for fire escapes, a corrosion-resistant finish such as powder-coating can be used to ensure it remains secure for as long as possible. Fire escapes always comply with relevant building regulations and can be used for single or multi-story properties.

Our Services

Our team are highly trained and have years of experience in the industry providing customers in Slough and the surrounding areas with the best quality products. In addition to bespoke staircases, we also provide other metal fabrication services and have worked for:

  • Film Sets
  • Food and Brewing Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Theatre and Stage

Some examples of the work we have done include metalwork for advertisements, temporary stairs and railings for theatres and constructing event stages. Custom metal fabrication is a versatile service that can be used on a range of projects.

We have achieved CE Accreditation Class Two Status which ensures that all materials we use comply with EU safety. Additionally, the finished products we provide are given a unique ID to make them traceable.

To see some of our recent fabrications please view our Gallery page.

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Get in touch with our team at Millwright Engineering Ltd today for more information about bespoke staircases in Slough and the surrounding areas. Please call us today on 01682 850 911 for a free quote. Alternatively, email us on or fill in our contact form and a member of staff will respond shortly.

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